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"Elma13 Ltd." is a Joint venture with 100% private capitals.

It was founded in 1991.

We are specialized in manufacturing of chairs and tables from solid wood.

Our manufacturing facilities are located in Balabansko village, Trojan region. Equipment includes brand machinery from SCM, COMEC, NARDI, PADE and other leaders in the industry, which allows us to achieve highest quality and operational excellence in each piece produced.


The row material is received as planks and elements. These are charged and dried in conventional timber drying kilns, in order to achieve optimal working humidity (level of moisture).

The timber-drying kiln we use is made by NARDI, Italy.

The dry timber material goes to the shop for primary mechanical processing. There it is treated with different machines, like band-saws four-side planner moulders, milling cutters.
After the primary processing the units are further transferred to equipment hall, specialized for secondary processing.

Four side planner moulder with 4 spindles. It is used for primary mechanical processing, once the timber leaves the drying kiln.

Horizontal multi spindle oscillation drill with tilting panels by COMEC, Italy

Further, the material is treated with sanding equipment for achieving surface, suitable for the next stages of technological procedures.

Wide belt calibrating sanding machine - specialized equipment for sending of flat surfaces made by SCM - Italy

Sanding machine on two sides with two belts for shaped elements - specialized for transverse sanding of long shaped elements by COMEC - Italy www.co-mec.com

Sanding machine for longitudinal sanding of shaped elements - specialized for sanding of short shaped elements by COMEC - Italy.

The so processed elements are assembled in products and ready for varnishing in the specialized shops. Varnishing is done in a mechanized way with equipment made by FRIULMAC.

Mechanized robot made by FRIULMAC.

After drying the ready production is being prepared for transportation.

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